Palace „in a nutshell” – entrance ticket

There are no less than 3,288 rooms in the Palace of Culture and Science! Dive into its history and unique atmosphere while listening to anecdotes and stories about this fascinating and mysterious place. Not only is a visit to the Representative Complex an opportunity to explore this ‘gem of socialist realism’, but also to travel a few decades back in time. For in the Palace of Culture and Science, one has the impression of living and breathing history. A guided tour will allow you to immerse yourself in its peculiar ambience. No book or movie comes close to this kind of experience!

We will take you to the one-of-a-kind Representation Complex and to the observation deck on the 30th floor (included in the entrance fee)! The guided tour includes, among others, a visit to the ‘Chapel’. You will also have the opportunity to see where members of the City Council meet, and find out the most fascinating secrets of the Palace of Culture and Science!

Additional information
English guided tour England flag
45 minutes
Regular - 30 zł
Reduced - 25 zł
students under the age of 26, people over the age of 60, disabled people
all week
1:00 pm, 3:00 pm.
Contact us for group reservations (above 10 people).
Main Hall – Marble Room / City Hall Chamber – Troika Hall – Chapel - Copernicus’ / Tereshkova’s Hall – Mickiewicz’s Hall – VIP lounges – Starzyński’s Hall – Warsaw Hall – Broniewski’s Hall – Rudnev’s Hall – Gothic Hall – VIEWING TERRACE
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